About Lake Bracken Country Club

An Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream!

Best kept secret in Illinois

The abundance of virgin stands of Oak and Hickory trees and the rolling hills and wooded bluffs lend an enchantment to Lake Bracken unequaled in the Midwest.  It has maintained its beauty and continues to charm members and visitors alike for one hundred years.

Lake Bracken is a reservoir in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. Managed by the Lake Bracken Country Club. The lake was formed in 1921 with the damming of Brush Creek. It is part of the Spoon River drainage basin and has a surface area of 172 acres.

Lake Bracken Country Club is located fifteen minutes south of downtown Galesburg, Ilinois, and is within an hour’s drive from Peoria, Moline, Macomb, Illinois, and Burlington, Iowa. Bracken Holdings

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Our History

Lake Bracken was originally formed by the CB&Q (now Burlington Northern) in order to supply its major “Shops” and “Yards” in Galesburg, Illinois with water for the steam locomotives and other machines, equipment, and systems requiring large amounts of water.

We’re 100 Years Old!

The Knox County Country Club was incorporated in October 2022. The first task of the new board was the laying out of the grounds, which consumed a considerable length of time and much energy, as a survey of the entire grounds had to be made with a view to a suitable clubhouse, cottage sites, playgrounds for the children, picnic grounds, parking space, flower gardens, golf course, tennis court, and the boys’ camp, on the south side of the lake.


a suspension bridge was built over the boat harbor. This was a well-constructed bridge and is still standing in good shape after almost 100 years. It is a landmark of the Club.


 A nine-hole golf course was ready for play.


A YMCA camp was erected across the Lake from the Club House.


The Board changed the name from Knox County Country Club to Lake Bracken Country Club.


The back nine was opened.


The tennis court was opened and the club cleared snowmobile trails through miles of wooded area on the South and West sides of the Lake.  In the summer, these trails are used for hiking, ATVs, and horses.


The swimming pool and bathhouse were completed.


The current clubhouse was finished.